I, Leonid Tugalev, was born in Riga, on the 8th of August, 1945.

My Byelorussian grandmother was a witch. My mother was engaged in witchcraft, too. My father had a snake's wisdom, but the war made him nervous.

They are all now in the Kingdom of heaven.

I am a heathen. I believe in Nature.

I have been a workman in a sawmill, an engineer in the Institute of Design, a photographer for a magazine... I also had an architects bureau...

The first pictures I took were of rugby games. They were followed by portraits, or images, to be more exact. Vera - my wife - was modelling for me. Later came celebrities of Latvian arts. Reportages. Lots of exhibitions. Many awards.

It is an old story. Looking back I can see I have worked well. I am satisfied. Because it was all done accurately, with no intricacy. No extras. Not a thing. Besides, I have this hunch. I don't know what it is, but it would not let me rest.

That's the whole point then. An excuse made for myself for being a photographer. Hoping the wizards of Byelorussian bogs won't let me lie.